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Launch your matching marketplace with no coding required.

CNXION provides simple configuration requirements and is highly customisable to match your brand and speak to your intended audience.

It's simple to match users with what they are looking for; other profiles, products, services or a combination of different offers.

CNXION is a streamlined platform with affordable and rapid deployment backed by a support team that can assist with any custom requests.

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CNXION supports all types of marketplaces for individuals and entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, government, non profit and enterprise. Our mission is to make every industry 1% more efficient. Learn how you can benefit from deploying a whitelabel matching marketplace using CNXION.

Medical Industry

Create platforms for doctors, specialst and patients to revolutionize the medical industry.

Construction & Trade

Match offers of services, skills and equipment with customers and jobs.


Launch your business into the world of ecommerce with sophisticated search, suggestion, reviews and social tools to boost your success.


Integrate analytics, machine learning and market trends to develop out of the box property sales and management solutions.

Groups & Associations

With a state of the art membership platform, subscription software, events bookings and industry directories let your groups and associations communicate with ease.


Take your enterprise to the next level with the highly customisable CNXION membership and ecommerce features.


Manage and access your data with ease with high level security features. Use machine learning techniques to analyze your data to provide useful insights.


With a feature rich back-end CNXION can be tailored for any industry.

The CNXION Ideas Marketplace

Search and preview the applications currently running on CNXION as well as marketplace ideas submitted looking to be matched with co-founders.

If you have a stand out marketplace idea, register and gain access to the CNXION platform to create a landing page for your idea and receive valuable feedback, attract co-founders as well as potential funding opportunities.

Search our marketplace directory or register, log in and create an idea!

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What CNXION clients have to say.

I am particularly happy with CNXION's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these.

Stem Connectors
Julia Davies,
Senior Research Officer at QUT - STEM Connectors

The team did a great job providing the branding, design and user interface (UI design) for our statewide website for teachers. I was particularly impressed by their design approach.

Dr Nick Kelly,
Senior Research Fellow - TeachConnect

Popular features

Get your matching marketplace up in no time with all of the features you need out of the box.


Batteries Included

Features available to all CNXION sites by default.

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A list of items we can customise for for premium plans.

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Account Settings

Accounts settings available at the user level.

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Dynamic Model Management

We configure models that are managed by profiles, and users can manage their objects, objects have their own detail pages.

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Profile Management

Multi configurable profile types. A user can sign in, edit their profile and view their profile detail page.

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We can configure which profiles, objects and other things are showing in the search and filters etc.

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A nuanced version of searching where results are expected based on an implicitly provided profile or request.

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Ratings, Reviews & Feedback

Automatically trigger public & private feedback and review processes after users interact with offers.

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Content Management System

Manage your own content through the CNXION administration dashboard.

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Like, share and follow offers and profiles within the platform.

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Allow users to setup their own store or customize the checkout process specific for your application.

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Waiting List Holding Page

Generate leads for your platform using exit intent and lead capture forms.

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Revenue Options

Generate revenue from your platform via subscriptions, platform fees and percentage markups on transactions.

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Review and moderate your site members.

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Permissions & Access Levels

Control who can see what within the system, site features such as search or ecommerce can be public or member only or available only to a specific member subset.

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Allow users to interact with offers created within the system.

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Create rules for automated workflows within the application.

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Internal platform messaging system.

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Create a membership dashboard accessabile to members with member only features.

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Coming Soon

Features we are currently working on.

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