Building an Online Marketplace

When creating an online marketplace, there are a multitude of factors to consider.

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Online marketplaces (or online ecommerce marketplaces) are extremely popular types of ecommerce sites where products and services are supplied by multiple third parties and consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace operator and fulfilled and delivered by the participating retailers or wholesalers.

Building an online marketplace requires a marketplace platform builder such as CNXION.

CNXION can advise you on how to build an online marketplace using the best marketplace website software.

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How do you create an online ecommerce marketplace?

When creating an online marketplace, there are a multitude of factors to consider. You will require specialised ecommerce marketplace software that allow you to customise and configure your platform and provides unique features and functionality to enable you to build your own online marketplace. Choosing the right marketplace software can be difficult and confusing, our team is available to answer any questions you may have if you would like to chat with us.

Advantages of using CNXION to create an online marketplace:

  • Marketplace theme is highly customisable
  • Marketplace features are highly configurable
  • Custom profiles and offers can be set up within the platform
  • The CNXION marketplace is a multi vendor platform
  • The marketplace offers multiple payment options to be used during checkout when products are added to the cart from different vendors
  • An automated reviews workflow can be triggered for multiple profiles after an offer is purchased
  • Multiple revenue generation options are available such as the ability for the platform to take a percentage of vendor sales
  • Sales taxes are handled using taxjar
  • The marketplace can be configured as a subscription service with the ability for shops and offers to be either public or private
  • The CNXION platform is Progressive Web App enabled allowing your users to install your marketplace on their devices.
  • You can consult with experts with any questions that may arise

Build your own online marketplace today with CNXION!

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