Create a Multi Vendor Marketplace

Allow multiple vendors to create stores and sell offers through your platform.

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A Multi Vendor Platform is an ecommerce solution which provides multiple users with the ability to launch their own online shops within a single application or website. Such a platform serves as a mediator between customers and companies or individuals offering products and services. The Multi Vendor Software itself doesn’t offer any products or services, they simply provide a platform for the users of the marketplace to create their own stores within the ecosystem and interact, allowing unlimited Multi Vendor Ecommerce stores to operate.

A Multi Vendor Website offers:

  • Access to a wide range of products.
    The products being sold on Multi Vendor Platforms are from a wide range of sellers offering a large variety of products. This generates higher traffic flow and consequentially, sales.
  • Fewer Overheads.
    Each vendor manages their own site and is provided a system to manage inventory, product descriptions, and orders.
  • Buyer security.
    The best multi vendor marketplace platforms assist in building trust between vendor and buyer by offering an established marketplace.
  • New Opportunities.
    Multi Vendor Websites allow vendors the opportunity to establish new business partnerships with other traders and suppliers including overseas sales.
  • Greater Transparency.
    Multi Vendor Platforms allow buyers to manage stock levels, availability and price of all items.
  • Greater Access.
    Multi Vendor Websites provide the opportunity for buyer and seller to connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Convenience.
    Buyers can compare prices of a large number of products and prices all on one platform.

Multi Vendor Software allows the creation of internet shopping centres with unlimited departments and suppliers who can add products to their own stores and set prices, methods of delivery and display stock . Individual store owners control all of their individual suppliers and determine what percentage they will take from each sale. Multi Vendor Software allows for an uncapped number of vendors allowing for greater store expansion and facilitates an online shopping basket where goods from different sellers are combined and can be paid for in a single transaction.

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