December 2018

1 year, 1 month ago

New Features

Product Variations

A seller can create product variations for their products such as adding different sizes, materials or colors per product with custom shipping, stock and pricing options.

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As a seller I can view a list of orders for my profile and view, add, edit and print orders.

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  • Images - added link to image resizing tool in help text for image upload fields.
  • Images - added configurable dimensions of search tile images to not be auto stretched if enabled.
  • Gallery - improve gallery image cropping.
  • Shipping - use shop profile shipping address by default for products if no product or variation shipping address is added.
  • Shipping - mark fixed rate fields as required.
  • Shipping - update shipping field placeholders to contain example content.
  • Shipping - add shipping rates to admin
  • Ecommerce - index products' tags in search, so respective products are shown when users are searching for respective product tags.
  • Ecommerce - publishing options for seller profiles have been implemented so sellers can publish or unpublish their store.
  • Ecommerce - improve responsive design of product detail page.
  • Search - search has been optimised so now it should work faster when browsing and searching.
  • Miscellaneous - many miscellaneous optimisations has been applied so overall feeling should be that application is faster to respond.

Bug Fixes

  • Ecommerce - fix products not being displayed in seller inventory.
  • Ecommerce - fix issues with editing a product.
  • Ecommerce - fix issue with images being deleted when editing products.