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Getting Started

CNXION has a standard set of features which can be configured and deployed as an off the shelf product but depending on your projects requirements CNXION is highly flexible and we have a development team standing by to design and launch any custom features you may require.
The basic site configuration including fonts, themes and colors can be achieved in a day along with switching on basic CNXION features, but we would suggest allowing a week to review, provide feedback and test before going live. Any custom requirements will need to be developed with the schedule defined during the road mapping process.
Yes absolutely, we have a list of our latest success stories available here, you can click through to preview the platform and also review case studies regarding the platform and how they were developed using CNXION.


Yes, you can cancel whenever you wish, but if you have paid annually you will not be credited for any additional time remaining in your plan. Your site can stay live until the end of the billing period.


Yes, you may take out an enterprice license to license the code.

Assuming your licence fees are paid then you would be eligible to access updates. However bare in mind that after you modify the code, then we provide no guarantee as to how it will operate. So if you were to try and update the code after modifying it it would require your developers to do the updates. Alternatively you could engage the CNXION team to assist on an hourly basis.

If that time ever came we would discuss how to design enhancements so it can accept or merge the changes. Which brings up the question why leave as it is more economical to stay on your platform.

Indeed. It is more economical. However the option exists in case you have an investor offer you a billion dollars, then licence is not the issue motivating the investor. They may just wish to have more control.

Our licensing costs for self hosted (or Enterprise) model are typically negotiated on a case by case bases depending on what you're trying to do, and we are comfortable in finding something that works for both parties. Certainly compared with the prospect of starting from scratch we believe we can make a compelling offer. Our preferred model is actually to partner and have some skin in the game.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding CNXION.

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