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Batteries Included

Features available to all CNXION sites by default.

Progressive Web Application

The content will load quickly on any device.

Responsive Mobile Optimisation

The platform will dynamically adjust to work on all screen sizes.

SEO Ready

The platform is set up and ready to accept seo optimised meta data.

Beautiful Rich Text Editor

Format your text, add images and html with a quick and simple to use WYSIWYG rich text editor.

Payment Gateways

Receive secure application payments via Stripe.

Secure Domains

Secure domain over https.

Scheduled Database Backups

Automated regular database backups to protect your data.

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor your applications performance and receive automated alerts.

Automated Runtime Testing

Automated tests run and development team alerted of any issues in real time.

New Features Monthly

New features automatically released on a monthly bases.



A list of items we can customise for for premium plans.

Branding & Theme

Theme your application with custom logo, typography, colors and layouts.

Custom Domain

Setup your site on a custom domain.

Highly Customisable Content

Advanced ability to customise sections of standard templates.

Customised Search

There are a multitude of configuration options available for the CNXION search feature.

Customised Matching

Matching is a nuanced version of searching where results are expected based on an implicitly provided profile or request.


Highly customisable E-commerce system built from the ground up.

Tenant Specific Tests

Minimise the chance of disruptions as we continuously add new features.


Customise the notifications sent to the users of your application.

Multi Language Support

Support multiple languages within the application.


Account Settings

Accounts settings available at the user level.

User Management

If the User Management feature is enabled, then client is able to manage Users in Admin Panel.

User Moderation

Restrict application access to new users until profiles have been approved by a moderator.

Update Email Address

Update your email address within the application.

Reset Password

Reset your password within the application.

Deactivate Account

Deactivate your account and remove your profile from the application.

Manage Subscription (if required)

Select a subscription plan for your account.

Manage Billing (if required)

Manage your billing and credit card details.


Dynamic Model Management

We configure models that are managed by profiles, and users can manage their objects, objects have their own detail pages.

Configurable Fields & Meta Data

Configure the fields available for users to add site content and related meta data.

Standard Templates with Sane Defaults

Your application can run out of the box using the standard CNXION templates.

Override Templates per Model or Instance

Add custom values for content items to override the default values.

Dynamic Model Types

CNXION incudes a list of available dynamic models (eg. events) but you can also create your own.

Geo Location

Geocode your data to allow users to search by location.

Custom Object Removal Policies

Customize your platforms object removal policies (eg. archive vs immediate deletion).


Profile Management

Multi configurable profile types. A user can sign in, edit their profile and view their profile detail page.

Configurable Fields & Meta Data

Configure the fields available for users to add to their profiles and related meta data.

Standard Templates with Sane Defaults

Your application can run out of the box using the standard CNXION profile templates.

Multiple Profile Switching

Users can have multiple profiles and switch between them (eg. host and guest).

Customisable Field Types

A selection of field types including file, image and video upload, date selection etc.

Dynamic Profile Types

CNXION incudes a list of standard profile types (eg. sellers, patients, investors) but you can also create your own.


Customise the sections added to the profiles including reviews, offers, locations etc.


Ability to create and edit galleries on a dynamic model (offer/request) or profile.


We can configure which profiles, objects and other things are showing in the search and filters etc.


Enable search field on home page and/or dedicated search page.

Geo Localisation

Add an auto-complete geo-localisation field to the search feature.


Using keywords, categories, subcategories, ranges and dates.

Sort Order

Sort by various ordering options including latest and most relevant.

Manage Results Displayed

Hide results in default search based on custom criteria.


Filter by content type, category or custom label.



A nuanced version of searching where results are expected based on an implicitly provided profile or request.

Set Match Criteria

Set Match Criteria in Profile or By Creating Requests.

User Matching Dashboard

Matched Requests/Offers for Users should be displayed in "Just for me" Dashboard.

Manage Offers & Requests

Manage Your Offers / Requests via user matching dashboard.

Geo Location

Receive localised matches within a selected radius.

Custom Matching

Using keywords, categories, subcategories, ranges and dates.

Sort Order

Sort by various ordering options including latest and most relevant.

Notifications on Match

Users should receive notifications about Requests/Offers matched for them.

Search Matches

Ability to search from within Matching Dashboard, or use site wide search.


Ratings, Reviews & Feedback

Automatically trigger public & private feedback and review processes after users interact with offers.

Peer review system

Build trust with a peer review system allowing users to review offers after they have purchased or joined.

Dynamic Model & Profile Reviews

View Reviews on profiles, requests and offers.

Customisable Ratings

Customise which profiles receive public/private ratings and what is being rated.

Automated Review Flows

Collect reviews on offers after an action on offer has occurred (eg. purchase).


Content Management System

Manage your own content through the CNXION administration dashboard.

Attractive Blog Posts

Feature image is displayed on the blog search page, so it encourages people to read the blog entries.

Highly Customisable Pages

Customise page layout and design using a rich text editor or entering html directly.

Manage Site Content

Manage pages, blog posts, menus and content items.

Manage User Content

Manage user created content in dynamic models

Advanced Template Customisation

Advance ability to customise sections of standard templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broken down by sections of interest to your users. e.g. Buyer / Seller

Standard Content Item Templates

Including pages, publications, blogs and downloadable resources.

Footer & Copyright Links

Footer links & pages for terms & conditions, privacy policy & community guidelines.

Manage Metadata

Add custom meta data to boost SEO and information displayed when sharing individual pages.



Like, share and follow offers and profiles within the platform.


Enable following of users or offers to receive notifications when content is added or updated.


Enable sharing pages, profiles and offers.


Enable watching of offers to receive notifications when offers are going to expire.

Social Activity Widgets

Display latest social activity and posts on application pages.



Allow users to setup their own store or customize the checkout process specific for your application.

Standalone or Peer to Peer

Deploy a standalone store or integrate with existing software tools.

Custom Stores

Create a shop name, add logo and branding along with a bio, listing and reviews from customers.

Custom Products

Add inventory with feature images, galleries, reviews etc.

Product Variations

Add product variations for color, size, material etc with inherited or individual pricing and shipping settings.


Multi vendor checkout with the option of split payments to multiple stores in a single transaction.

Dynamic Shipping Calculations

Calculate shipping for multiple products based on product size, weight and location.

Tax Calculation Module

Tax calculator module with compliance assistance via Taxjar


Sellers can view, manage and print orders and packing slips from their dashboard.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept credit cards & handle payments with ease.

Inventory & Fulfillment

Improved product list view inside seller profile.


Buyers and sellers can view and print invoices from their seller dashboard.

Shipping Labels

Sellers can purchase and print shipping labels directly through the platform.

Track Sales & Customer Analytics

Sellers can manage sales and view detailed customer analytics to improve store turnover.


Buyers and sellers can manage refunds directly through their dashboard.


Waiting List Holding Page

Generate leads for your platform using exit intent and lead capture forms.

Lead Capture & Validation

Start building your audience and validating your concept early with our Lead Capture site.

Collect Lead Details

Form to collect nice to have info after essential email address is captured.

Collect Location

Collect location using Google Geo location auto complete field.

Lead Collection Data

Form submission data is stored and can be viewed in the admin panel.

Synchronise Data with Email Marketing Tool

Send generated leads and related information to your email marketing tool (eg. sendgrid).

Exit Intent Popup

Display lead generation popup when user demonstrates intention to leave site.

Timed Popup

Display custom popup after user has spent a specified amount of time on your site.


Revenue Options

Generate revenue from your platform via subscriptions, platform fees and percentage markups on transactions.

Charge Profiles

Multiple revenue charge options including charge one, two or no profiles.

Automated Charges

Charge once off, per use or periodically (monthly, annually, etc).

Platform Fee

Platform fee % on pass through.

Off Site Settlement Options

Not necessary to charge at all, perhaps off site settlement.

Markup Shipping Labels

Add markups to shipping label purchases to generate platform revenue.

Reoccurring Subscriptions

Set up reoccurring subscriptions, with optional introductory offer.

Stripe Integration

Stripe and Stripe Connect integration.


Setup platform subscriptions and allow users to select a after sign up.



Review and moderate your site members.

Group Based Membership

As an administratior, check offerer profiles to make sure they match defined membership requirements.

Restrict Unmoderated User Functionality

New User, after signup, can be allocated to special 'Users Pending Approval' group if moderation is required. Users in this group cannot use the platform, except modifying profile data.

Email Verification

Users cannot log in until clicking activation link in the received email.

Account Locked Pending Approval Criteria

Account Locked Down Until criteria for approval met.

Mandatory Fields

Requirement for mandatory fields to be filled.

Approve Users

Users in the 'Approved Users' group can use the platform.

Decline Users

Users in the 'Declined Users' group cannot use the platform.

Moderator Notifications

System checks if there are profiles to be approved and triggers email to all admins' in the system.

Bulk Approvals

List of Users to approve / bulk approve in admin.

Moderate Profile Updates

If User changes his specified fields, they are moved back to 'Users Pending Approval' group so they can't use the platform until approved again by moderator.

Subscriber Only Access

User that doesn't input billing details or select a subscription (if required) in his account can't use the platform.

Hide Unapproved Public Profiles

Not approved profiles (profiles in given groups) or objects of not approved profiles can be hidden in search.


Permissions & Access Levels

Control who can see what within the system, site features such as search or ecommerce can be public or member only or available only to a specific member subset.

Conditional Object Viewing

Conditional ability to view objects, e.g. Only view Object whose value matches a value on your profile.

Restricted Object Viewing

Viewing an object could be restricted depending on state of object.

Content Approval

Detail pages of Users not approved by admin, are not visible to any logged in user.

Profile View Control

Add restrictions so users can't view each others profiles, or only under certain conditions.

Model View Control

Users can't view other users requests/offers if user does not match specified criteria.

Anonymous User Restrictions

Possible to restrict anonymous users so they only have access to public website.



Allow users to interact with offers created within the system.

Customisable Action Framework

Customise a set of actions which can be taken on the offers and within the application.


Allow users to post a bid for approval to complete an offer.


Allow users to join offers such as events.


Allow users to purchase offers such as products.


Allow users to attend offers such as events.


Allow users to book offers such as equipment or rentals.


Set up rules for expiry of offers.



Create rules for automated workflows within the application.

Customisable Workflows

Customise workflows that occur throught the platform such as when to trigger the reviews process.

User Object Actions

Take an action on create objects. eg. join a ride, or tender on a case.

Intermediate Forms

Intermediate forms to collect additional data.

Object Rules

Access rules for the objects are updated.



Internal platform messaging system.

Message Reply Workflows

When requester hits "reply", they are taken to the website. If not signed in they are prompted to sign in.

Additional Information Requests

Offerer requests more information about the request. Requester gets following notification.

View Message Sender Profile

After logging in, requester can see offerer profile.

Message Directly from Application

Requester can click the "Message Offerer" button.

Message Context Preserved

Offerer receives notification again, with the message context preserved.

Customer Support

Addition of customer support and live chat (via intercom) directly through the application.



Create a membership dashboard accessabile to members with member only features.

Integrated Public and Member Website

You decide who has access to what on a presence that will work alongside your existing site.

Member-only Q&A Forum

Build community and community knowledge as members can easily share news and tips with peers and opinion leaders.

Downloadable Member Resources

Give your members access to the latest information.

Industry directories for education, research and more

Connect your members with exclusive resources and networks.

Customisable member approval system

You choose who is approved, how they are approved and how much access they have.

Event registration and payment

Run your entire event schedule and receive payments all in one place.

Membership registration auto-renewal

No more fussing around when fees are due, auto-payments keep members current.

Public e-commerce store

Share your select range of products and online resources with the general public, direct from wholesalers.

Member-only eCommerce store

Give your insiders exclusive access to specialist products and resources, pass on direct-to-wholesaler savings.

Magazine, journal and publication subscriptions

Keep members abreast of the latest news through full subscription management.

Video upload feature with directory

Host your own videos direct to members.

Member directory organised by name, qualification, location and more

Foster community and build connections through helping members find each other in the real world.

Data migration service

We can seamlessly migrate your subscribers across from any existing membership service.


Coming Soon

Features we are currently working on.

Booking Calendar

Specify resource availability and allow users to manage bookings.

Data Collection & Reporting

Collect customisable analytics which can also be exposed to user types of your platform as dashboards (eg. for shop owners to track ecommerce sales)

Variable Pricing

Collect variable pricing on offers, eg. bids.

Negotiables & Custom Offers/Bids

Allow users to negotiate and add custom bids to offers.

Gift Cards

Allow purchase and usage of gift cards through the store ecommerce feature.


Integrate checkout and payments with Paypal.

Privacy Settings

Allow users to control their own privacy settings within the application.

CMS Version History

View list of changes made to content items showing the date, time and user that made the change with the ability to revert to an earlier version.

Multi Currency Support

Support multiple currencies within the application.


Integrate an inbox allowing reviewing, composing and replying to messages directly within the application.

Ecommerce Tracking

Generate tracking numbers through shipping providers so customers can track their orders.

Ecommerce Insurance

Customers can purchase shipping insurance directly through the platform.