July 2019

by CNXION | 7 months ago

We are trying something new this month with our updates. We get so much done its quite hard to communicate the value to each of our clients, and all of our readers. So this month we are going to experiment with embedding images and videos to allow some of the updates to be more easily understood. Hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to discuss having any of these features configured for your marketplace or matching platform. Don't hesitate to contact us.

New Features

Geo-location & showing the distance the product is from the users current location

We implemented Geo-location mechanism. It retrieves user location from their browser if it's possible, for further calculations.

We also configured geo-coding for sellers and their products so based on their address filled in the profile we retrieve coordinates for further calculations.

Having these 2 components we can compute the distance between buyer and products.

Firstly, user is asked if they want to share their location. Popup UI depends on the browser as Geo-location is browser in-built feature.

If a user accepts sharing location they will see distance between them and a product (meaning location of the seller selling this product)

If a user denies sharing location they will see standard search tiles without distance.

Distance on product detail page and on the homepage

With the Geo-location mechanism it's possible now to display location with the distance for the current user on product detail page.

Also on the homepage featured products.


  • Configuration Example - Updated Porky tenant to user Rider preference based filtering. This new option shows up in search and on the ride detail pages. It allows for users to create events and set a preference for the sort of event they are creating.
  • Site Wide Notification -  Now we store information that a user closed it manually by ticking "x". For such users banner won't be displayed any more
  • Shipping - Auto-completing addresses world-wide
  • Ecommerce - Improve UI of cart checkout buttons - Make update cart button less dominant and update text on checkout button from Secure checkout to Go to Checkout.
  • Dynamic Models - Preview mode for dynamic model management within Profile list view
  • Search - Search tiles has been unified to show location, or the owner name in both places (Search and Homepage) depending on the tenant configuration.
  • Ecommerce - Possible to mark products as featured, filter featured products, display featured products on the homepage dynamically.
  • Contact pages - We have rolled a generic contact page for lead capture and updated footer to include link to it. After submitting the contact form, message is received and stored in the admin panel and administrators are notified.
  • Contact pages - For the matching site, we moved contact form to a separate contact page for better usability and SEO. Generic contact form is now available at /contact/ and all other pages pointing to the previous place have been updated and appropriate redirects have been added.
  • Ecommerce- Admin abandoned cart filters - We added 3 new filters in admin that would help analyze abandoned carts and overall user flow:
    • Filtering carts by owner 
    • Filtering carts by number of products
    • Filtering carts by age
    • (more coming next month)
  • Configuration - Started some major refactoring of code related to how we generate, validate and store the configuration for each tenant. These updates when complete will allow address one of the bottlenecks in current deployments of new features and tenants.
  • Notifications - Default "from email" for notification purposes has been updated. They now default to [email protected]
  • Sitemap - Sitemaps has been enabled for most tenants, so public pages can be indexed faster and more frequently by search engines. This includes indexing of: public products, content items, pages, offers and requests depending on the tenant configuration.
  • Product & Variations admin management - Admin views for managing and viewing both products and product variations has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic Models - Editing Dynamic Objects (Offers, Requests, Products) no longer re-triggers matching notifications to be sent out
  • Footer - Footer has been fixed to support links to static files, rather than only links to pages.
  • Ecommerce - Fix issue with cart table being cut off by right sidebar on iPad landscape mode.
  • Ecommerce - Adjust cart table so all columns are same width for all shops