June 2019

8 months ago

Lots of great progress has been made! Hope you enjoy the read.

New Features

New filters enabled for Search

We configured new filters for product search, including:

  • Keyword Search Term
  • Category Type
  • Nested Category Type
  • Multi-select Category

New filters for product search.

We've also made some user interface improvements to how long list of options are displayed.


  • Checkout - Improved notification if trying to checkout with incompatible profile type
  • Contact Form - We have refactored our contact forms to dedicated pages to improve SEO and longer term maintainability
  • Ecommerce - User Experience enhancements: Removed "Buy Now" from product tiles buttons as it was confusing some users
  • Ecommerce - Latest products and shops dynamically rotate on the homepage
  • Ecommerce - The first variation from the variations drop down on the product detail page. Users no longer need to click anything to see a price of an item.
  • Ecommerce - Enhanced user experience when adding and selecting credit cards for payment during checkout
  • Ecommerce - Added note that shipping may vary from estimate based on actually shipping location
  • Ecommerce - Added confirmation message to customer on successful order
  • Ecommerce - Authority to leave without a signature can now be set as selected by default
  • Ecommerce - By default store visibility defaults to 'Unpublished'
  • Ecommerce - Changed seller product link to default to edit screen instead of view to improve user experience
  • Ecommerce - UI Improvements to the product detail page
  • Ecommerce - UI Improvements to the list of orders shown to sellers and buyers
  • Geo-coding - Improved geo-coding of addresses so that maps show correct locations for entered address in some additional edge cases.
  • Moderation - Now possible to require users location before full system access. This is useful in cases where you may require an address to match results against.
  • Site Wide Alert - Responsive improvements for small screen devices
  • Moderation - In the event that moderation is enabled, it is now possible to include link to documentation while waiting for moderator approval.

Bug Fixes

  • Checkout - Fixed bug that allowed duplicate orders to be placed
  • Homepage - The height of the swipe-able home page tiles has been made dynamically consistent.
  • Shipping - Fix displaying lowest shipping rate - There was some error in computation of lowest shipping rate that is displayed in the right hand sidebar. Issue has been fixed.