March 2019

11 months ago

New Features

Bookable Resources

Bookable resource feature deployed allowing offerers to list bookable resources, control closed days for bookings via calendar integration and manage bookings. A guest is then able to select bookable resource options, add to cart, checkout and view a list of their bookings via their visitor profile.

Review feature documentation


  • Search - improvements for indexing keywords on profiles and offers.
  • Search - improvements for returning a shops products when a shop name is searched for.
  • Search - improvements to allow searching for plurals.
  • Checkout - address validation for checkout process is implemented with ShipEngine API.
  • Ecommerce - help text improvements for ecommerce features linking to walkthrough videos and documentation.
  • Booking Calendar - booking calendar date statuses have been updated to be more intuitive and a color key has been included so it is clear to users what tile statuses are shown.

Bug Fixes

  • Ecommerce - fixed fields for entering package dimensions do not show up when sellers choose the `Default` option in a list of package sizes.
  • Ecommerce - fixed ability for buyer to purchase products from outside of the US.
  • Shipping - modal window to add shipping options shown when sellers click the `Add Shipping Option` button.