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General Hire

Connecting suppliers having great equipment with prospects that seek for it.

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Generalhire wished to use the CNXION platform to improve the user experience of their lead generation website for construction equipment and machinery hire companies connecting suppliers having great equipment with prospects that seek for it.

The aim of Generalhire was for prospects to fill out what they need and where they need it, the platform will then notify hire companies in the area and obtain 3 competitive quotes from interested hire companies for the prospect with no obligation to hire.

Generalhire previously had a basic platform up and running with forms to generate leads but wished to improve the site discoverability through SEO and social sharing functionality along with further improvements to the speed and security of the site. Generalhire also wanted to take advantage of CNXIONs sophisticated matching technology to automatically send leads to suppliers according to their matching criteria.

Scope of Work

  • Profile registration
  • Landing page
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • Lead generation enquiry forms


  • Automated lead notifications
  • Supplier lead dashboard
  • Supplier matching profile with ability to set match radius for leads
  • Supplier add and manage equipment form


  • Search and filter by categories and location
  • Category detail page
  • Offer detail page


CNXION was able to quickly and easily setup and customise a template theme for the Generalhire matching platform using custom brand colors, fonts and logo. The main functionality of the site revolved around the search and filtering CNXION feature for prospects to find and match with hire equipment and submit a lead generation form. Automated lead notifications are sent to suppliers from the platform based on the hire companies matching preferences.

Mobile responsiveness and SEO of the platform was optimised in order to maximize lead capture potential. CNXION also reduced the loading time of the site using file compression and caching methods.

Now that the platform has been optimized and is successfully generating leads, Generalhire wish to set up the CNXION subscription and billing module in order to start generating revenue from the platform by selling the leads that are captured.

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CNXION Stem Connectors Testimonial

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I am particularly happy with CNXION's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these.

 Julia Davies,
 Senior Research Officer at QUT - STEM Connectors