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Madly Maldives

A concierge style booking service for luxury hotels.

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Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd wished to utilise CNXION to quickly deploy a new platform offering a luxury concierge booking service for premium 5 star hotels in the Maldives. The goal of this platform was to increase booking conversion rates and assist in building out a direct to consumer model.

Our matching platform was configured in such a way that the client's portfolio of resorts are added and online users that have expressed a high intent in making a purchase will be directed to appropriate landing pages via highly optimised online marketing.

Scope of Work

Matching Platform

  • Branding
  • Landing page design
  • Mobile responsive site
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Integrated Blog (to maximise SEO impact of domain)
  • Search interface
  • Offer landing pages with booking enquiry call to action forms
  • Content management system
  • Ongoing optimisations and improvements


Upcoming Features

  • Integrated messaging interface
  • Multilingual platform

Data Migration

To ensure optimal user experience existing content was manually ported and augmented with up to date material. All products were standardised and supplemented with online reviews, all designed to increase the end users willingness to book. This sort of data migration service is perfect for those looking to prime their marketplace with both supply and demand side. Our talented staff can assist with pre populating your site, and additionally work to onboard users on your behalf.

Digital Marketing

After we had taken care of all the technology we switched into marketing gear and executed a strategy designed to bring in traffic with a high intent on converting. Before executing this strategy we had modelled the likely cost to acquire a lead (COA), and our intent was to validate the model and reduce uncertainty. This strategy enabled us to acquire traffic at a very low cost, and risk to the client. Once traffic was generated, we were able to create a feedback loop to further optimise the COA, and CPC. This was done using dynamic retargeting feed of products, resulting in virtually zero cost for designing hundreds of ad creatives.

A large part of this strategy required a high level of integration between third party advertising tools and the clients platform. For example tracking conversations had via in live chat, and if they result in a conversion is linked back to Google Analytics, and Google Ads / Adroll to further optimise the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


The CNXION team carried out branding for the luxury Maldive travel booking site and styled, configured and launched the platform within 2 weeks. CNXION integrated the platform with Google Ads and Adroll in order to set up dynamic advertising and drive traffic to the website. Traffic and conversion tracking is being monitored via Google Analytics and Google Optimize will be used to A/B test the site in order to identify possible conversion rate improvements. Intercom was also integrated to allow the client to directly engage with site visitors. The client was incentivised by the results received and contracted CNXION to brand and deploy a second site, Mystical Maldives, in order to boost booking conversions for 4 star hotels within the region.

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CNXION Madly Maldives Testimonial

What Madly Maldives has to say.

CNXION exceeded our expectations, were very well organised and assisted us in making critical business decisions by providing valuable and timely advice. I was able to discuss the project with the CNXION business strategy team on a daily basis.

 Mr. Abdulla Naseer,
 Managing Director, Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd