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Passionfruit is an online platform for digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The platform uses innovative technology (AI) to build a unique multi-sided platform that connects digital nomads & freelancers with purposeful entrepreneurs and businesses.

Scope of Work

  • Landing page
  • Mobile responsive site
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Social sharing friendly
  • SEO ready
  • Blog/News


  • Multi profile registration
  • User moderation
  • Member profiles
  • Platform fee taken from transactions to both parties
  • Matching profiles to receive automated offer match notifications based on skills


  • Tendering on offers (job applications)
  • Search interface with customisable search filters
  • Content management system
  • Secure checkout flow with multiple payment options available
  • Feedback & reviews


The CNXION platform is being configured to allow freelancers and clients to register and set up profiles within the application. Freelancers will add skills to their profiles which will be automatically matched with the jobs listed by clients. Freelancer match scores will be displayed to clients and clients can request a proposal from the freelancers they wish to complete the job. When both parties have agreed on pricing and escrow process will be utilised and payment released from the client to the freelancer when the job has been marked as complete. Freelancers and clients will be able to add links to any job files and documentation to the job offer within the platform which will be shared privately between users with relevant access levels. When the job is complete an automated review workflow will occur where both parties are asked to provide reviews which are added to profiles and is used to calculate future match scores.

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CNXION Stem Connectors Testimonial

What Stem Connectors has to say.

I am particularly happy with CNXION's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these.

 Julia Davies,
 Senior Research Officer at QUT - STEM Connectors