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Find, meet and ride with local Harley-Davidson® riders.

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Porky is a geo-social discovery and matching platform for Harley-Davidson® riders to meet and ride.

Porky wished to use CNXION to create a platform for Harley-Davidson® riders to register, create rides and join rides created by other users. Porky wanted the platform to have a strong social aspect in order to disrupt the status quo and create a new way for Harley-Davidson® riders to connect with each other. Porky's sole purpose is to provide a simple, quick, and free platform for Harley-Davidson riders to "find, meet, and ride" with their own local Harley-Davidson® tribe. Another important feature of the Porky platform was that it was very simple to use on mobile devices so riders could search for, create, preview and join rides during their travels.

Scope of Work

Waiting List Signup Page

  • Single page per profile type (riders)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • Lead notifications
  • SEO ready
  • Google analytics integration
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Conversion offers
  • Targeted custom overlays


Matching Platform

  • Landing page
  • SEO Ready
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Rider memberships and profiles
  • Ability to create rides including ride details, description, start, destination and end locations
  • Ability to join rides



  • Ability to comment on rides
  • Ability to search and filter for rides and riders
  • Ability to set up match criteria and receive ride matches by email
  • Ability to follow riders in order to receive notifications about new rides they have posted
  • Ability to privately message riders
  • Feedback and reviews
  • Progressive web app enhancements with ability to add app to mobile home screen for easy access


Porky used CNXION to launch a waiting list sign up page to generate platform leads during the development of the matching platform. The waiting list sign up page contained conversion offer forms to collect leads and Porky administrators are notified of leads generated via direct lead notifications.

The full ride matching system was also developed using the CNXION platform. Riders are required to register for the platform and set up their rider profiles including an about section, a listing of motorcycles they own and a dynamic summary of the rides they have created and joined, reviews and riders they are following and the riders following them. Riders have the ability to follow other riders in order to receive notifications regarding rides they create or join within the system.

Riders can then set up matching criteria to be automatically matched with rides suited to their profiles as well as search and filter for rides and riders within the system. Riders can join rides as well as create their own new rides including ride details, whether it is a reoccurring event, start, destination and end locations, participant filters such as age and experience levels, ride images and settings such as enabling comments on setting the ride as private.

CNXION had a strong focus on creating the Porky platform to be user friendly on mobile devices. The website was created responsively and optimised for mobile usage using compression and caching methods to reduce file sizes and decrease load times. Users are also able to easily swipe through their matching rides on mobile devices and join a ride with the tap of a button. The system was also set up with progressive web application enhancement in mind with mobile friendly menus and notifications and the ability to save the application to home screen for easy access from a hand held device.

CNXION also had a strong focus on the social usability of the site and added functionality to allow users to join, save, share and comment on rides and follow riders within the platform to provide a sense of community.

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CNXION Stem Connectors Testimonial

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I am particularly happy with CNXION's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these.

 Julia Davies,
 Senior Research Officer at QUT - STEM Connectors