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Soil Science Australia

A not-for-profit that serves as the non-governmental peak body for soils and soil scientists across Australia.

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Soil Science Australia contracted CNXION to implement a membership subscription model and improve website membership features in order to retain members and increase revenue for the not-for-profit organisation to continue operation.

Soil Science Australia were also maintaining several different sites serving different functions and wished to reduce the time required to keep their website content up to date. When migrating the site to the CNXION platform Soil Science Australia also wanted to refresh the look and feel of the site to be relevant to a younger audience as well as improve usability by improving the user experience design.

Scope of Work

  • Multiple industry landing pages
  • Multi profile registration
  • User experience design
  • Membership subscriptions & billing
  • Content management system
  • Member profiles
  • Branch profiles
  • Instagram & Twitter feed


  • SEO ready
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • Member Dashboard
  • Member resources
  • Member directory
  • Industry directories
  • Online store


  • Online video training
  • Publications
  • Events, event registration & payment flow
  • News
  • Search with custom filtering
  • Accreditation applications and moderation
  • Profile Switcher
  • Blog


The CNXION member subscription and payment features were deployed with the ability for members to register, select a subscription plan and set up their billing details and then gain access to a member dashboard full of valuable member only content relating to Soil Science Australia. The automated subscription payments helped Soil Science Australia to plan out their budgets as they were able to estimate how much revenue could be generated from site membership. Membership retention was also improved by offering a new and improved membership dashboard with valuable member content. The member dashboard also contained the ability to register and pay to attend Soil Science Australia events.

CNXION was also able reduce the time required to keep Soil Science web content up to date by merging all of the web content previously on multiple sites into a single site making it much more useable and maintainable. The user experience of the website was improved by making the website mobile friendly and improving the information hierarchy of content displayed on the site making all of the site sections easily accessible for the user. A site wide search was also deployed in order to allow users to quickly and easily access the content they are looking for. Separate landing pages were deployed using CNXION in order to segment users for different industries and display the most relevant content for their industry.

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CNXION Stem Connectors Testimonial

What Stem Connectors has to say.

I am particularly happy with CNXION's design ideas, their identification of client needs and pro-activity in recognising potential issues and finding solutions to address these.

 Julia Davies,
 Senior Research Officer at QUT - STEM Connectors