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Tender Healthcare

Learn how Tender Healthcare revolutionised the patient matching with provider process.

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Tender Healthcare is a revolutionary medical platform allowing patients in need to find and match with providers who care.

Tender Healthcare wanted to utilize CNXION to develop a system to allow patients to create cases outlining their healthcare needs and initial budget. These cases needed to be dynamically matched with providers that have the specialisations required to treat the case. Only the providers who match the case requirements are able to view the case details and tender on the cases outlining their service, fees and expertise. The patient is then able to preview the tenders related to their case and accept the tender which meets their criteria for quality, affordable healthcare. Once approved, the patient contact details are shared with the provider in order to schedule an appointment.

Scope of Work

Waiting List Signup Page

  • Landing page per profile type
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • Lead notifications
  • SEO ready
  • Google analytics integration
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Conversion offers
  • Targeted custom overlays
  • Blog


Matching Platform

  • Multi profile registration
  • Landing page
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social sharing friendly
  • FAQ
  • Blog
  • Provider subscription and automated billing system
  • Patient & provider profiles
  • Patient & provider case dashboards



  • Patient ability to post case and accept/decline tenders
  • Provider ability to preview matched cases and post tenders
  • Ability for patients to search for providers and filter by provider specialisations
  • Patient ability to setup match criteria and receive provider matches by email
  • Feedback and reviews


Due to the custom nature of the requirements for Tender Healthcare, CNXION needed to integrate some new features in order to build the platform. While the system was being developed a waiting list signup page was deployed for Tender Healthcare in order to generate interest and leads during the full platform development process.

A landing page was created for each profile type; patients and providers, in order to explain the features and benefits of the system for each profile. The waiting list signup page was effectively publicised at relevant medical conferences in order to generate interest and leads for the launch of the full system.

The Tender Healthcare platform was developed as a closed system for patient privacy reasons, in which users would need to register and create accounts in order to gain access to the platform.

Patients would set up accounts including personal details, contact details, matching preferences and their medical history. Patients also have access to a case dashboard where they are able to post or new case, view, edit and delete their cases and also view tenders related to their cases and either accept or decline the offer. Patients are also able to search for providers and filter results according to provider specialisations and view provider profiles including a biography, specialisations, qualifications and reviews with the ability to message the providers directly through the system. When a patient receives a tender from a provider on one of their cases an email notification is sent to the patient.

Privacy was a top priority through the development of the system and all measures were taken to keep patient details safe and secure, as soon as a patient case expires or the patient manually removes a case, providers will no longer have access to the patient or case details.

Providers are also required to subscribe to the platform and are charged a monthly fee to receive matching case leads in their inbox. The providers must setup a profile including personal details, practice details, a gallery, bio, medical specialisations and qualifications in order for the system to dynamically match them with cases. Providers then gain access to a case dashboard where they can preview cases which match their medical specialisations and provide tenders related to their cases. Providers receive notifications when a tender is accepted or declined, and if accepted the patient details are sent to the provider to make initial contact and organize a consultation.

Dr. Myles Holt Testimonial

What Dr. Myles Holt has to say.

We've been thrilled to see the progress of the site. We've found Hunted Hive to be responsive, clear and concise, requiring minimal input from outside.

 Dr. Myles Holt,
 Director - Tender Healthcare