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October 2018

New Features

Profiles Verification

Permission system is based on groups. Belonging to a group means being allowed/not allowed to do/see/edit data. By default all new users are added to a default 'Pending Approval' group depending on which profile they register as. If provider is waiting for his profile to be approved, he cannot access any page, except his profile/account details pages. He is also asked to fill his profile details so admin can approve his profile. No profiles that have not yet been approved can be viewed publicly. Every day system checks if there are any providers to be approved and if there new profiles waiting to be accredited, appropriate e-mail notification is sent to all admins in the system. Admin can approve providers profile if their profile details are correct.If admin approves provider profile, he lands in "Approved Providers" group. After that, approved provider gains right to access the platform, can view the cases, post tenders etc. When provider is approved, he appears in the search for patients.Admin can also decline providers.

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  • Added visual indication of files uploading process.
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Bug Fixes

  • A navigation bar for authenticated users is displayed on all pages now instead of profiles and dashboard only as before.
  • Removed an ability to join expired offers.