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This Privacy Policy sets out our commitment to protecting the privacy of your Personal Information that we collect through your use of the CNXION Platform (Platform) or directly from you. We handle your Personal Information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) contained within thePrivacy Act 1988(Cth). The APPs regulate ways in which Personal Information can be collected, used and managed.

Personal Informationis defined as being information which may lead to the identification, or reasonable possibility of identification of an individual person.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.  Please contact us if you have any questions.   

Important notice for residents of the European Union:CNXION is not based within the European Union, and it does not specifically target or market to residents of the European Union. You should be aware that Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation” does not apply to Personal Information provided to CNXION.

You providing us with Personal Information indicates that you have had sufficient opportunity to access this Privacy Policy and that you have read and accepted it.  

If you do not wish to provide Personal Information to us, then you do not have to do so, however it may affect your use of this Site or any products and services offered on it.

In some cases this site will redirect you to websites operated by third party providers. You should be aware that this Privacy Policy does not apply to these third party websites, and we are not responsible for how these websites obtain and handle your Personal Information.

1.     Type of personal information collected

The type of Personal Information we collect may include contact information (Eg. Phone number, email address, residential address etc.), your identity document details (Eg. Driver’s licence, passport etc.), survey information, automatic information (e.g. IP addresses, activity logs, information about your connection and browser, cookie information, number and frequency of visits and searches performed) and any other feedback or information you provide to us through this site such as user contributed content.

If we receive your Personal Information from third parties(e.g. Facebook or Twitter), we will protect it as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Sometimes we may receive information which requires a higher standard of care. This information is calledSensitive Informationand includes bank and payment details, as well as information about any health condition you inform us of as a requirement of our General Conditions of Entry. In some instances, your Sensitive Information is handled differently to other Personal Information, which is discussed below.

2.     Sensitive Information

When we collect your Sensitive Information, we will only disclose it in the following circumstances:

  1. Where required to do so by law or a lawful direction of a government agency or court;

  2. Where it is reasonably necessary to prevent a threat to life, health, safety or property; and

  3. To comply with our commercial obligations (such as for proof of payment).

3.     Collection and use of personal information

We collect and use the Personal Information from all persons who:

  1. Make bookings or purchases of our services and products through this site;

  2. Subscribe to our mailing lists; and

  3. Contact us through this site to make enquiries or comments.

This Personal Information for purposes including (but not necessarily limited to):

  1. contacting and communicating with you in relation to products and services you have obtained from us;

  2. verifying your identity;

  3. processing payments and bookings made for our products and services;

  4. internal record keeping and for marketing; and

  5. as required by directions by government agencies.

For security purposes, we require that all persons who use the services provided by CNXION to verify their identity with us by providing their legal name and copies of government issued documents which allow us to confirm the name given. As a result, it is impractical to use the Platform under pseudonym. You may use a pseudonym to communicate with us for other purposes (such as enquiries or comments), but please be aware this may increase our response time or make it impossible to complete your request.

We may rely on and adduce any Personal Information or Sensitive Information you provide us with as evidence, for the purposes of (and if reasonably necessary) in any action in a mediation, tribunal or court of competent jurisdiction.

4.     Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose Personal Information for purposes including to provide our products and services to you, and as required by law. Personal Information may be disclosed to external third parties, such as our contractors, suppliers, legal advisors, government and regulatory bodies.

We may also disclose your Personal Information where it is reasonably necessary to prevent a threat to life, health, safety or property, or where we are authorised or directed to do so under thePrivacy Act 1988(Cth).

Some of the recipients of your Personal Information may be based in Singapore, The United States of America.

5.     Aggregation of personal information

We may collect information and data provided by you, for the purposes of aggregating such information and data to provide to third parties.

Any information and data which is collected under this clause 5 will have any information which allows for the identification of individuals removed from it before it is provided to such third parties.

6.     Access to and correction of personal information

You may request details of personal information that we hold about you, in certain circumstances set out in thePrivacy Act 1988(Cth).  An administrative fee may be payable for the provision of information.  We may refuse to provide you with information that we hold about you, in certain circumstances set out in thePrivacy Act.

If you believe that any information we hold on you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please contact us by email. We rely in part upon customers advising us when their personal information changes.  We will respond to any request within a reasonable time.  We will endeavor to promptly correct any information found to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

In all cases where you contact us in relation to this Part 5, we will ask that you provide us with suitable evidence of your identity before providing a response. We are not required to provide a response under this Part 5 without this evidence.

7.     Complaints about breach

If you believe that we have not complied with your rights under the APPs, you may make a complaint to us directly or through the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (

We will address complaints about alleged breaches of your rights in the following steps:

  1. Contact us directly and let us know your concerns. You can contact us through the following email address: [email protected]

  2. We will investigate your complaint and provide you with a response within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that in some cases we may require additional information from you (such as proof of identity) to complete our investigation. We cannot be responsible for any delays in our response where you have not provided us with sufficient information to response to your complaint.

  3. If you are dissatisfied with our response you should contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner ( for further information.

8.     Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from our e-mail database, or opt out of communications, please contact us at the details below.

[email protected]

9.     Storage and Security

We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide is secure. We take the following steps to ensure your Personal Information is secure:

  1. Limiting physical access to our premises;

  2. Limited the scope of the information we collect about you to the minimum reasonably required to allow us to carry out our business activities;

  3. Requiring third party recipients to handle your Personal Information in a secure way; and

  4. Putting in place physical and electronic safeguards in line with accepted industry standards.

Where we determine that we no longer reasonably require your Personal Information, we will take steps to destroy it, or make it impossible to identify you from it.

10.     Behavioral Remarketing

We uses remarketing services to advertise on third party websites to you after you visited our Service. We and our third-party vendors use cookies to inform, optimise and serve ads based on your past visits to our Service.

We may use hashed identifiers derived from email addresses for the purposes of cross-device tracking for targeted advertising.


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 Last update: 17 April 2019.